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    LED lights in the spotlight

    Release time:2016.03.22     views:     News sources:www.balihan9.com

    LED lamp LED lamp can make out and various other LED street lamp. For example, the LEDlight LEDFlood Light, also called LED street, LED street lamp light. LED street lamp is controlled by microchip, the existing two types of products, the first is the use of power type chipcombination, second kinds of using single power chip outstanding power, the performance is stable, the back of the single power products structure is relatively large, it is suitable for smallrange of cast light irradiation. The power is very high, so the irradiation distance is long distancelarge area light is no problem.

    LED street light is to make the specified by the illuminated surface brightness than the ambient light is high, it is also known as the spotlight. It can turn the lights on in any direction, and thestructure is not affected by weather conditions. Is LED street lighting special production and use.


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